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Azimuddin Khan

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·         Seasoned IT professional with comprehensive business/technical skill set and expertise in business process automation/management, process improvement, requirements analysis, design & development, implementation and project management.

·         Seven year of strong functional domain knowledge in areas of Finance and Marketing.

·         Valued contributor who performs confidently and effectively under pressure and thrives on challenge.

·         Good knowledge of Oracle, PL-SQL, Forms, Reports, PowerBuilder, ASP, IIS, and VB.

·         Managing IT infrastructure of company (USD 110 millions).

·         MCA and MBA (Finance)  with 15 years of experience in industry.



3rd February 1995

to Present


MANAGER SYSTEMS, (31st Dec, 2006 to till date)

DEPUTY MANAGER SYSTEMS, (1st JANUARY, 1999 to 30th Dec, 06)

ASSISTANT MANAGER SYSTEMS, (3rd Feb,95 to 31st Dec,98)

Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd. (RSMML) Udaipur, INDIA.

RSMML is a Rs.5000 million turnover mining company, which is a frontline profit making public sector undertaking of the Government of Rajasthan, India. The company has a diversified product portfolio of industrial minerals like Rock Phosphate, Lignite, Gypsum, and Limestone having vital importance in agricultural and industrial sectors. The company also has presence in wind energy sector.


·         Implementation & Maintenance of Software for company as project manager

·         Working on Administration Software project implementation which covers all functions of Administration Department based on .NET and Oracle.

·         Team Member for selection and evaluation of ERP solution as per need of the company.

·         Planning & budgeting of requirements, Selection of technologies, tools & assimilating them as per company growing need.

·         Development of Corporate Intranet & Maintenance

·         Email Server Administration

·         Support to various SBU/Departments for various software/Hardware problems.

·         Consultancy to Government Offices for Web Design, Software Design & Development and implementation.


·         Designed & implemented Web based Marketing and Sales Accounting Software  using Oracle Forms and Reports 10g with Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server at Marketing Department, Phosphate SBU, Jhamarkotra, RSMM Ltd., Udaipur

·         Designed & implemented work flow software “Decision Recording System” using ASP and Access at Corporate Office, RSMM Ltd., Udaipur

·         Designed & implemented an integrated Costing, Budgeting and Financial Accounting software using PowerBuilder and Oracle for Rock Phosphate SBU, Jhamarkotra, Lignite SBU, Jaipur, Gypsum SBU, Bikaner of RSMM Ltd., Udaipur

·         Designed and implemented Financial Accounting and Portfolio Management software for PF Trust, RSMM Ltd., Udaipur using PowerBuilder and Oracle.

·         Designed & implemented Fixed Asset Management Software using PowerBuilder and Oracle at Rock Phosphate SBU, Jhamarkotra, and Corporate Office, Udaipur. It is also under implementation at Lignite SBU, Jaipur, Gypsum SBU, Bikaner and Limestone SBU, Jodhpur.

·         Designed, developed & implemented software for Marketing and Sales Information System using Visual FoxPro at Gypsum SBU, Bikaner of RSMM Ltd.

·         Given the consultancy for conceptualization, content preparation of web site for Department of Mines & Geology, Rajasthan state (www.dmg-raj.com), setup an email server, proxy server and training on internet technologies.

·         Designed and implemented complete LAN for Phosphate SBU of RSMM based on fiber and wireless technology.

·         Established the Internet Leased Server at Corporate office of RSMM using CISCO Router and D-Link hardware Firewall.


29th October 1993

to 3rd February 1995

(14 Months)


Rajasthan Tribal Areas Co-operative Federation Limited, Udaipur (RTADCF).

RTADCF is a Rs.300 million turnover company, which is involve in marketing of the forest produces and fisheries. Organization works for welfare and benefits to Tribal of Rajasthan. The company also engaged in Public Distribution System for wheat.


·         Officer in-charge for computer center.

·         Established a setup of Macintosh computers & their connectivity and NetWare 2.2 setup on PC.

·         Designed and developed two MIS software for Fisheries, Minor Forest produces and payroll system and implemented at Udaipur Unit.



November 1996 to May 1999

Master of Business Administration (MBA) [Executive] in Finance and marketing, 55% Faculty of Management Studies, M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India.

November 1989 to July 1992

Master of Computer Science & Applications (MCA), 85.3 %, Gold Medalist Department of Computer Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.

September 1987 to December 1988

Post B.Sc. Diploma in Computer Science & Applications (PDCA), 70.0 % Department of Computer Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.

August 1984 to

August 1987

Bachelor of Science (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry), 65.7 % College of Science, M. L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India.



OS (worked on)

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux, UNIX,  Mac OS8


Oracle 7.1/8/8i/9i, PL-SQL, Forms/Report 10g, Power Designer, Rational Rose (functional)

Front End Tools

PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, VFP




HTML, VB Scripts, JSP/ASP, Front page, IIS, ASP.Net




Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Udaipur from 15.06.90 to 31.07.90 for summer training. (1.5 Months)

College of Tech. & Agri. Engg., Udaipur from 18.06.91 to 03.08.91 for summer training. (1.5 Months)

Vaikunt Mehta National Institute of Co-operative Management, Pune  from 25.04.94 to 29.04.94 for Computer Applications in Co-operative Sector. (5 Days)

Center for Development of Advance Computing (C-DAC), Bangalore from 26.05.94 to 28.05.94 for Digital Multimedia. (3 Days)

Koeing Solution (P) Ltd., New Delhi  from 06.01.97 to 10.01.97 for Introduction to Oracle 7.1 (5 Days)

Advance Studies for Software Export Training (ASSET) Center, New Delhi from 19.06.97 to 30.06.97 for PowerBuilder 4.0. (10 Days)



Father’s Name


Date Of Birth

31st MARCH 1968

Passport No.

B2104994 (issued at Jaipur, India and valid up to year 2010)



Fixed Asset Management System (ASSET)

A Fixed Asset application that provides detailed tracking on each individual asset. It also provides details depreciation and gain/loss in order to properly account for during ownership and at disposal. It covers depreciation, obsoletion, disposal, transfer, write-off and sale processes and generates various reports.

This software is under implementation on VPN (64 Kbps link) at 2 Strategic Business Units (SBU) of RSMML (Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner district of Rajasthan, India). It has been implemented at Udaipur and Jhamarkotra locations.

Role     : Project Manager

Duration: Nine Months


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Resource Allocation
  • Utilization
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Supervise the Implementation

Call Monitoring System (Help Desk)

This software provides the help desk to computer users of company. It provide the details of computer, printer, UPS and various networking items installed in office with location, installation date, configuration etc. User can log calls pertaining to fault through intranet. It can generate various maintenance, calls and status reports.

This has been implemented at RSMML, Udaipur. It has been developed using ASP and Access and hosted on RSMM Intranet.

Role     : Project Manager

Duration            : Six Months


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project Monitoring
  • Supervise the Implementation

Decision Recording System (DRS)

DRS is a powerful tool for Document Management. This system stores and monitors decision making process culminating at the desk of MD. This software generates a unique code to proposals moved by various Departments/SBUs for approval of Managing Director. The department initiating the proposal, records the proposal details including SBU-PC name, Department, File No., File Name, Subject, Date of Entry of proposal, Starting and Ending paragraph number of proposal in the file, final gist of proposal and File Marked To into System. The comments of HODs/SBU heads/Financial Advisor/Managing Director are recorded into system along with physical movement of file. The software keeps the track of proposal movement and also generates various reports and queries. This enables the management to monitor the file movement with utmost transparency at each level besides ensuring easy accessibility of retrieval of initial information. It also helps eliminate the risk of tempering with the decisions made on file.

Role     : Project Manager

Duration: Two Months


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project Monitoring
  • Supervise the Implementation

Financial Accounting and Management Information System (FAMIS)

FAMIS is an integrated Costing, Budgeting and Accounting software. This software was developed using PowerBuilder Application development tool under windows environment and Oracle 9i on Linux for backend Database. FAMIS includes General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Costing, Budgeting, Loan management, and Payroll Interface for importing salary data from Salary Software. FAMIS provides various customized reports for users.

This software is implemented on VPN (64 Kbps link) at four Strategic Business Units (SBU) of RSMML (Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Nagaur, Barmer district of Rajasthan, India). This has reduced the time taken for intra SBU reconciliation of accounts and subsequent consolidation time at Corporate Office.

Role     : Project Leader

Duration            : One and half year


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Preparation of SRS
  • Schema and Database designing
  • Development of Test Data and Plans
  • Developed & Designed the Reference Manual for Costing and Accounting.
  • Implementation and Users Training

Personnel Information System (PERSON)

PERSON keeps track of Personnel Information of Company. This software maintains information regarding employees including personal details, career change, salary & annual increments, and training. This software generates various reports based on pre-determined criteria.

 This has been implemented at RSMML, Udaipur, India. It is based on client server architecture using PowerBuilder and Oracle 9i.

 Role     : Project Leader

Duration: One year


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Preparation of Design documents
  • Schema and Database designing
  • Implementation and Users Training

 Provident Fund Management and Accounting System (PFACTS)

PFACTS software for PF Trust, RSMML is managing the PF contribution of employees. This software covers accounting needs of PF Trust and generates various reports like PF statements for employees, pension related report, PF Loans statements, Ledger, Trial Balance, consolidated statements for Strategic Business Units of RSMML. This software takes all data sent by various offices of RSMML in excel formats. The software has been developed using PowerBuilder and Oracle. This software has been implemented at Corporate Office of RSMML, Udaipur, India.

 Role     : Project Leader & Team Member

Duration            : One year


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Preparation of SRS
  • Schema and Database designing
  • Development/Coding for according to detailed design documents.
  • A program written for importing data from excel/dbf/text files.
  • Development of Test Data
  • Implementation and Users Training


Marketing Information System (MarkInS)

MarkInS software is for effective Sales Management. It entails customer registration, purchase order registration, release order generation, dispatch advise generation, invoice printing and credit/debit note generation.  It also generates various reports for sales analysis and customer financial record tracking.

 This software has been implemented at Strategic Business Units (Udaipur, Bikaner) of RSMML. The software has used VFP for development and databases.

 Role     : Project Leader

Duration            : One year


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Preparation of SRS
  • Schema and Database designing
  • Implementation and Users Training

 Library Information System (LIBIS)

This software keeps track of all books available in library. It also provides purchase and issue details and generates various reports for library management. This software has also web based access for retrieval and searching of book availability.

 This has been implemented at central library of RSMML, Udaipur, India. Software has been developed using PowerBuilder and Oracle.

 Role     : Team Member

Duration            : Four months


  • Schema and Database designing
  • Developed/Coding Data Entry and Retrieval Screens
  • Developed/coding for various Reports
  • Users Training

 Solar Image Processing & Interpretation System (SIPIS)

SIPIS is Image Processing Software, which takes real time images of Sun from telescopes and gives the interpretation of mass ejection from solar surface, sun spot position and graphical representation.  The software has been implemented at Udaipur Solar Observatory, Udaipur, India. It has been developed in C using the image library under OS 9 environment.

 Role     : Developer

Duration            : Four months


  • Development/Coding for Image Interpretation and calculation of mass ejection form Solar Surface, finding position of Sunspot
  • Implementation and Users Training

 Management Information System for Fisheries, Minor Forest Produces

This Software generates various reports of Fish Production, Minor Forest Produce Collection etc. These items were collected from various cooperative societies and sold by the company. This software was implemented at Rajasthan Trial Area Co-operative Federation Limited, Udaipur, India. This was developed under FoxPro for Macintosh. This software has provides effective control of Operation and Production. It gives various reports and analysis for management.

 Role     : Project Leader cum Developer

Duration            : One Year


  • User interviews for requirement gatherings
  • Preparation of design documents
  • Implementation and Users Training

 Visual Dictionary (e-brochure)

This software is provides searchable product description along with pictures, audio and video for item sold by the company. This software is developed for Apex Informatics, Udaipur, India. This has been developed in Visual Basic and MS Access.

 Role     : Developer

Duration            : Three months


  • Schema and Database designing
  • Development/coding for forms
  • Order Preparation

Papers : 3
Articles : 5

Associate Member, Computer Society of India since 1993 and served as Editor of "NETWORK" the Newsletter of Udaipur Chapter for year 1997-98.